Sunday, 17 September 2017

Guy shares screenshots of how a pastor wanted to scam him

So, Scammers are now going about using False Prophecy to scame unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned money.
A guy has shared with us, screenshots of the conversation he had with a supposed “Pastor”, who told him a woman does’t want him to progress in life.

“In my few prayers with you, I saw a woman in your family who don’t need your progress. you need to do something to break this yoke”
 The pastor wrote to him.
and continued: “Beloved in my prayers for you. God wants you to give a sacrifice that will pain you, a great seed of faith that will come from the heart and in less than one week you will begin to see Gdos divine intervention in your life. The enemy would try all they can to see that you don’t get delivered from this yoke by not doing that the Lord has instructed you to do. But do not give chance to the devil to deny you of your rights.”
See Screenshots of the conversation below;


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