Sunday, 17 September 2017


A 65-year-old hunter, Clement Etila Ekele, has been arrested for killing his 45-year-old younger brother, Monday Ekele, in Kogi State. According to SunNews, the tragic incident happened on July 16, 2017, at Ikaka village in Ibaji LGA of Kogi State.
On the ill-fated day, Monday, the deceased, went to the farm about 5.00am. Three hours later, about 8.00am, Clement also went to the farm with his double barrel gun. At the farm, he saw a monkey on a tree and shot it. The monkey fell down.
When he ran to the foot of the tree to pick up the monkey, Clement said that what he saw was the dead body of his brother. According to Clement: “I hunt for monkeys. I have never had any misunderstanding with my younger brother.

On that day, he went to the farm before me. Later I also went to the farm with my gun. There, I saw a monkey on the tree. I shot it, but when I wanted to carry the dead monkey, it changed into my younger brother. 
I didn’t know what came over me; I couldn’t understand myself. I ran back to the village and I started drinking beer and rejoicing. Later, I told my friend Anthony that I shot my younger brother dead.

The gods I worship failed me because I refused to perform certain sacrificial rites. They became angry with me; I have been a hunter for years, I never shot anybody. Why must I kill my own brother? We live together, our houses are opposite each other.”

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