Monday, 11 September 2017

Why i want to sleep with Floyd Mayweather _ Maheeda

Nigerian singer and Nudist, Caroline Sam, AKA Maheeda has revealed why she wants to sleep with the undefeated Welterweight Boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweather
Recall that the Nudist took to her Instagram to invite the champion for sexwhen he won the UFC champion.
But in a chat with Sunday snoop, Maheeda disclosed that she likes her men strong and Mayweather looks like a man that treats a woman well in bed.
She also added that she is not after his money, but only want good love and experience.
“Mayweather is the type of man I like. I like them strong, determined and focused, and he looks like a man that would know how to treat a woman well in bed.”
‘’Contrary to what people think, I’m not after him for his money, I just want him to give me some good loving.

”I’m sure he would also enjoy the experience with me.”

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