Thursday, 12 October 2017

“Best Year Of My Life” – Peter Okoye Says As He Shares New Photo

According to the recent photo shared by now, Mr. P, Peter Okoye says this year is the best year of his life.
And you may be wondering why… Well, for one he has been over the past weeks, touring cities in the United States, which means “ Bank Alerts ” for him yeah.
Two, brand endorsements – while we know the singer has a couple endorsements with major brands like Olympic Milk and co, of which he just might be renewing, we know of the latest he has with The Pedini Bosch and… guess his bank alert is becoming “ gbagaun ” now abi ?
Three, he signed a distribution deal with EMPIRE, a well known and even verified on IG, distributor of musical contents.
Four, errrmmm… maybe, just maybe y’all, I’m not insinuating anything, he’s happy with his split with his twin bro… probably the breakthrough he’s been looking for for a while you know.
So the year just might have been great for him

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