Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bobrisky Boasts -- I Drive 2 Benz, And A Toyota, Own A Store Worth N30m, I’m Too Classy”

Bobrisky has once again gone on a braggig spree, and this time, he took to the comment section on Instagram to tell all his toaster not to let their girlfriends kill him.
The self-acclaimed king of snapchat, said he’s very classy and expensive, and also went ahead to list all his possessions, which includes two Benz cars, a N30m shop and a five bedroom duplex in Lekki.
He wrote; “Omo I get plenty toasters o. It so sad majority of them are so broke. Please don’t allow your girlfriends kill me o. Cos If I accepts you forget it you will sell your last properties to meet up my requirements.
I drive a Benz 2009 and 2014 . I also drive a Toyota Corolla. I live at lekki five bedroom duplex, I own a shop at ozone store worth 30 million goods suck as my cream, makeup stuffs.
I pay over 10 workers salaries. I take care of my grandma and some families members. My fans also dm me for assistance I help the little I can. So you can see am expensive. And for those insulting the baddest here na my matter go kill of of una. and if you think am making mouth ask people who have been to m house. Bobrisky is too classy.”

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