Tuesday, 24 October 2017

‘I Was Trying To Say That Breaking A Vow Is Worse Than Just Casual cex’ – IK Ogbonna Defends His Opinion On Cheating

Reacting to backlash that came from his controversial opinion that it isn’t cheating when a married man/woman sleeps with another person without being emotionally attached, actor IK Ogbonna shared a selfie with wife Sonia on Instagram and wrote:

So normally I’ld see a post of myself and let it slide , but in this case I’ld address it coz it was represented in a way and manner that speaks contrary to everything I represent .
From my little understanding cheating (in general) is when someone acts dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination or even a real life situation. IF YOU GOT TO HEAR THE FULL INTERVIEW (not only 20 sec of it) you would understand that I am NOT in support of men or women having cex with other people aside the one the call their own . Firstly,cex with anyone that’s not ur wife or husband a sin against God . However,I was trying to say that Breaking a vow is worse than an act we would refer to as cheating(just casual cex), and when I say VOW I refer to a spiritual&emotional nut between two people.
The truth is, cex in our age and time has been reduced to a recreational activity,and so sorry to say, has made it loose its value in so many ways because it’s easy to find and to get. As much as possible I preach that we should build self control and focus on one person but when we look at things from the rear view of reality having cex without being emotionally attached to the person can slide as a casual event (still 100% wrong) and still means you disrespected your partner (in)directly,you hurt his/hers feelings and worst of all: break the trust that y’all were building for so long.
But in this case I was referring to people that invest emotions and feeling in some other person whilst their spouse falls into the disadvantage (wether you are having cex or not). In this case the other person (your partner) suffers coz now you have to share your time , finance, and emotions that should be the sole rights of that one person you choose to build your life with. Bottom line,loyalty is a beautiful thing.

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