Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Looks Like Nasty C And Dr Malinga Have Squashed Their Beef

If you needed one reason to not invest in your fav’s celeb beef, here’s one. Somehow they always end up making up like nothing ever happened.

Earlier this year Dr Malinga and Nasty C were caught in a heated war on social media where one called the other old and irrelevant and the other was accused of buying his Awards. The beef went on for a while and we had almost forgotten about it.
Well, forget it you will because the two are now besties and asking, “what beef?”!
Nasty C took to Instagram sharing a photo of himself with Dr Malinga holidng an empty bowl with a ‘beef’ label on it.
“we never had any,” Nasty C captioned the photo. Alrighty then.

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