Wednesday, 4 October 2017

OAP Freeze Advises Married Nigerian Men --Never to Have A Side Chic, It Will Destroy The Trust Your Wife Has For You”

During a recent interview, Radio personality and ‘Free The Sheeple’ convenor Freeze opened up about why he thinks Men should not have side chics as there is nothing that you are hiding that can not eventually come to light.
Read excerpts below.
When asked if men should have side chics, Freeze said;
“No. It’s a very wrong approach especially if you want to have a monogamous relationship,I would never advise any guy to have a side chic because it’s going to destroy the trust your wife has for you unless she’s the one that approves you to have a side chic.”
When asked what if she (a wife) doesn’t find out (that her partner is cheating)? Freeze said;
“There’s nothing you are hiding that cannot come to light. You can’t live a lie. It’s either you let your woman know and ask her if she can deal with it. I doubt any woman will give a go-ahead.”
On how important he thinks cex is in keeping a marriage together, Freeze said;
“95%. To me, I’m not an expert on marriage or sexuality, but I know that if two people are in a marriage and are not sexually compatible, it’s hell fire. If you want to be with your woman six times a week and she wants to just once a week, you people will be fighting. You will not be happy. I know people that can sleep with their wives 7 times a week and not get tired. You’ll have a side chic. Sexual compatibility is very important.”
On the most frequent causes of divorces in Nigeria, Freeze said;
“People not being true to themselves. I have been in a marriage when I sat down and asked myself what am I doing here? but I cant get out because I am a sheeple and everyone is going to tell me you have failed in your marriage. I had to put an uncle in place who told me my career will get affected by a divorce. A lot for people are in marriages that they are not supposed to be in. You are cheating and she is cheating, beating each other.”
When asked if it would have been possible to work through the problems he had in his former marriage, Freeze said;
“Never. I have heard never said never, but this one I say never and I’m sure she’s also going to saying never. It wasn’t working, it was too much of a bondage to try to fix it. I have gotten to a place of comfort that I have thoughts and I cringe. It was that bad.”

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