Sunday, 29 October 2017

Olayode Juliana Has A Word For Ladies On How To Respond To Men

Former Jenifa’s diary star Olayode Juliana aka Toyosi has dished out some solid advise to ladies, using her experience today as a yardstick.

Toyo baby as she is fondly called who recently added a feather to her cap by authoring a book shared her experience at a club tonight while on an errand to a Suya spot.

She wrote:

So, the gist…A few minutes after I checked into the hotel I was lodging at, I took a stroll to get some #suya There was a nearby suya spot, it was in the compound of a club. The suya sellers recognised me and soon the Club Manager appeared. He introduced himself and we exchanged a handshake. As I had been schooled @mineministry in my teen years, I gave him a FIRM handshake. He was surprised and asked why I shook him like a ‘man’.I was surprised at his response. I can imagine what he is used to. Ladies, please step up your confidence. Look guys in the eyes when they talk to you and if they offer a handshake, please make it firm.

He said something else and I “gave it back to him”, I would tell you that onetomorrowBy the way, I hope you would be at#ribsout tomorrow. I hope to see you and give you a FIRM handshake…lol MUA

@askonyekabeautyPhoto credit: @ernthegrapherHair @officialvvhairnigeria

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