Friday, 6 October 2017

Still on tango's death issues --cc Allegedly Drank Himself to Death After Davido Promised N200k and iPhone 8 to Winner – Eyewitness

The real cause of Tagbo Umeike’s death has been revealed by an eyewitness who witnessed the whole drama at the club where he went to celebrate his birthday.
New details have emerged as to why Tagbo Umeike reportedly died after allegedly getting drunk at his own birthday attended by Nigerian singer, Davido.
Davido who was accused by Nigerian actress Caroline Danjuma of having a hand in Tagbo’s death, denied the allegation.
In a report by Pulse, an eyewitness, who saw how the deceased died said Tagbo, Davido and others were playing a drinking game when he allegedly passed out.
The source added that the drinking game idea started with Davido who promised to give a brand new iPhone 8 and N200,000 Naira to the winner. Tagbo who was serious about winning the huge prize reportedly overdosed on alcohol and suffered liver damage.
The source however blamed Davido for watching the deceased as he drank himself until he passed out.
“After he passed out, I think…I don’t know what happened…the CCTV showed that Davido was asking him to come into his car but I think he (Tagbo) didn’t want to enter into Davido’s car, then they forced him into his own car…then there was this blackout. Now they don’t want to tell us how he got to the hospital. That is the question. How did he get to the hospital? Because the police met his car and his body in the hospital with no one” – the eyewitness added.
Speaking about where the corpse of Tagbo was found, the source said: “They said his body was found outside the hospital, about three men putting on face cap, they dropped him outside the hospital and drove off. Why didn’t Davido call the police or anybody to report? We won’t know about anything if not for social media. Now all of them are running for their names.”
He further added: “I understand streets, nobody wants to be in wahala, but Davido is a celebrity, what was he running for, nobody will accuse you of anything. Just let us know what happened when the autopsy will tell us whats up! I don’t know why everybody is just avoiding him like they are not his friends.”
It was also gathered that Davido went to the office of Lagos State Commissioner of the Police yesterday night, Wednesday, October 4, 2017 to give his own version of events.
Davido is said to have told the police that he left Tagbo at the shisha room of the night club where they drank. Davido tried getting him to his car but he didn’t want to join him, which was the last time he saw him.

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