Saturday, 19 May 2018

[Must Read] Emrys Set To Drop A Brand New Single

Hitting the State over the past months on his last hot single titled “SHAKU SHAKU” (now ripping through Nigeria), Emrys has been hinting at what’s to come for some time now.  Bringing a fresh feel mad rap jam to the world and driving fans bananas at shows, everyone’s only favorite man (Emrys) has more news for fans on what’s to come. He will be dropping his highly anticipated single “DEMO”  soon.
EMRYS has become a king in the industry for his ravaging live sets and ability to win over crowds. A highlight to remember was seeing him at FUTA(Federal University Of Technology Akure) in Akure. The one set that set itself apart from all the others wasEmrys. Bringing an outstanding ability to cross-genres, interact with the crowd and bridge the gap between the unexpected he captivated what appeared to be one of the largest crowds of the weekend in a daytime set. There was a point when the set was wrapping up (probably about 2 minutes left) and people started to bounce over to the next stage to see the next act on their calendars and Emrys got on the microphone and laughed. Almost to say, yeah, I damn sure annihilated the brains of near the entire damn show, look how much this place is emptying out as I finish.

This track is going to leave you with more feels that  time when you were about 15 or 16 in your boyfriend/girlfriends basement. The “Eruku Nla” Rapper (Emrys) is going to make 2018 his year. Emrys has been up there. We can anticipate much more personality to come in the very near future. Stay tuned for the drop! Here is a mad jam to make your heart melt as well as a recap from his Last track (Shaku Shaku), which give me fomo (feels of mass optimization).

Finally "DEMO" is gonna be the Seventh track EMRYS will be releasing. Listen/Download his previous tracks below

Emrys- Karishika (cover)

Emrys- Eruku Nla

Emrys- Shaku Shaku
Emrys- Ijaya

Emrys- Raba

Emrys- Fact

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