Saturday, 5 May 2018

“My Butt Is Very Real” – Actress Biodun Okeowo Aka Omobutty

Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo aka Omobutty has come out to dispel rumors that her butt is fake and as a result of surgery.
The curvy actress who recently got likened to Nicki Minaj said in a chat with Saturday Beats that her butt is very real and that those who doubt her can go check her old pictures which she has on Instagram.
She said:-
“My bum is very real and anyone in doubt should go to my social media account to confirm because I have some old pictures on my social media accounts that date as far back as 2013. If they are still not convinced, they should come to my house and look at my mother; that is where I got my endowment from”.
Biodun Okeowo also revealed how she came about the name Omobutty which she says has nothing to do with her butt.
“My nickname is Omobutty which was the title of a movie that made me popular. In English, it can be translated to mean, a sophisticated child. It does not mean Omo booty. I know mischievous people sometimes change the name because of my bum”.

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